Sharon Fryer

Actress, Speaker, Voice Artist

About me

After studying Drama & Theatre Arts at Birmingham University (UK), in 1988 Sharon Fryer moved to Italy where she pursued her passion for theatre, film, TV, and voice work. Since then Sharon has collaborated with all major studios in Northern Italy, assisting in the making of numerous English language productions as a speaker, voice-over artist, actress, dubbing artist, linguistic consultant and dubbing director.

Sharon has given her voice to prestigious documentaries in all fields including science, literature, nature, history, geography, religion, and especially education. As a mother tongue English speaker she is often chosen by many Italian and international companies as their official voice to represent them throughout the world via websites, trade shows, corporate videos, company in-house videos, tutorials, and advertisements. Sharon has worked for all of Italy’s major publishing houses as a voice artist, giving life to those English language DVD’s, CD’s and Apps which form a vital part of English Language learning for the national curriculum. Sharon’s voice can often be heard in the most unexpected places, such as in the tunnels of Frejus and Monte Bianco, providing useful information to travellers, on Meridiana airlines, on GPS systems, on automatic answering services, on all Vodafone cell phones throughout Italy for the last 15 years, and even during the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics when Sharon was the official English speaker presenting the opening ceremony and live medals ceremony every evening during the event.

There are numerous museums and tourist sites which Sharon has given her guiding voice to including the Reggia di Venaria, the Italian Risorgimento Museum, the Martini Museum, the Barolo Museum, and many more, not to mention temporary and permanent art exhibitions, even providing information to the pilgrims during the Ostension of the Holy Shroud.

Sharon has also appeared in films and TV programmes when they need an English speaking actress. Take a look at her photo gallery and a few film clips which will certainly give you an idea of what she has been involved with recently and in the past.


What they say...

Giuseppe Franchi
Managing Director

I’ve been working with Sharon for over 10 years and if I had to sum her up I’d say she’s adorable and professional!
It’s very hard in today’s hectic world to meet professionals such as Sharon who can work with passion and commitment but lighthearted and smiling at the same time!
Sharon Fryer: an adorable pro…highly recommended!

Gabriele De Rossi
Sound engineer | RED Studio

Sharon is not just an exceptional professional, but a wonderful person. I have worked with her for more than 10 years, and personally, being able to count on her precision, punctuality and availability is a real guarantee of success.

Aldo Russo
Sound Engineer

After many years of working with Sharon, I’d like to outline her professional talents: punctuality, capacity of handling difficult situations, a dubbing director, a great voice, and she also demonstrates a useful general knowledge. I’d like to highlight her personal qualities too, which go beyond a working collaboration. She’s always willing to tackle all sorts of problems, and has a skill of choosing the most suitable working partners for all types of recording, not to mention her cordiality…

Raffaella Perancin
International Producer | Fool Moon

I’ve worked for more than 15 years as an audio producer for international projects, and Sharon is one of the voices with which I prefer to work. Not only for her great voice, impeccable and versatile, but also for her professionalism and willingness to find alternative solutions which add value to the final product, for the joy of us producers and the final client.

Piero Giordano
Eurofilm Srl

In all sorts of fields we have benefited from her precision and punctuality, and her willingness to tackle urgent jobs, with all members of our working team.

Laura Oberto
ODS Sales and Dubbing Coordinator

A totally professional and trustworthy actress and speaker. Always open to understanding client and production needs. A wonderful and positive person with a contagious enthusiasm. Basically a rather unique working partner.